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We know you want someone your client can rely on. Let us be someone you can rely on too. We want to, and can offer our services as an objective, third party brought in to inspect the home from top-to-bottom. Home Inspections Oahu can provide you an efficient, quality home inspection to benefit both you and your client on your journey to finding the perfect home.

What do residential inspections provide?

HIO provides an in-depth report on a home assessing the need for repairs and/or builder oversights, as well as maintenance requirements prior to the purchasing of a home. The report is not a pass-fail test—this is important to understand. It’s more of a precautionary evaluation that allows both you and your client to better understand a home’s value.

Do you carry insurance?

This is a very important question. Reputable home inspectors should have “errors and omissions” insurance.

HIO is insured by leaders in the home inspections insurance industry for the past 20 years, InspectorPro Insurance. We are covered for up to $300,000 in errors & omission and $100,000 in general liabilities.

What does your Insurance Policy Cover?

Our policy covers both the cost of legal defense and claims settlements (judgments). Coverage is provided for both general liability and errors & omissions during the rendering of, or failure to render, property inspections. This includes (but is not limited to) activities relating to property inspections.

Are you certified to do these jobs?

Although Hawaii does not require home inspectors to obtain licenses to practice, Home Inspections Oahu holds our team up to above-average standards. We require and guarantee our certification by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) - which is recognized for its emphasis on continuous education. HIO also holds residential and plumbing certifications from the International Code Council (ICC) - the oldest nationwide construction code credentialing program.

How do you share the results?

HIO provides comprehensive written reports composed of the inspector’s assessments (including severity and potential recommendations) accompanied by photos taken on the property. The report is emailed to the client as a PDF within 24 hours of the inspection. You can view a sample report by contacting us here.

What aspects do you focus on?

If it’s visible and readily accessible, it’s inspected. We focus on:

1.       Foundation, Basement, and Under-floor Areas

2.       Exterior Components

3.       Roof Covering

4.       Attic Areas

5.       Roof Framing

6.       Plumbing

7.       Electrical

8.       Heating

9.       Cooling

10.     Fireplaces and Chimneys

11.     Building Interior

12.     Garage

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